The University provides  residential  accommodation on the campus  to over 2500 students in its 10 hostels – five each  for girls and  boys.
The construction of 10  more hostels – 5 each for boys and girls- has been undertaken. The  new  hostels,  each  with  accommodation for 250 residents,  will be ready  by mid-2011.
Maintenance of salubrious  and  caring  environment in the  hostel  complexes   and  provision  of hygienic  food at  reasonable charges  always  remains  the  endeavour of  the  university  authorities.  Mess  in  each   hostel  is run by the residents  on cooperative basis.
Each hostel has  facilities  for indoor  games,  recreation, STD, and canteen.  Some   hostels   have   been   provided   Wi-Fi internet  connectivity, while  extension   of  this  facility to other  hostels  is in the  offing.  Each Girls’ Hostel  is looked  after  by  a  full time  Lady Warden. There  is a Cyber Café with 30 PCs in the Girls’ Hostels complex. Besides  internet  surfing,  it has  facilities  for computer printing, typing, photocopying service packed  eatables, cold drinks, and  coffee.
Name of the Department/Office PROVOST (GIRLS HOSTELS)
Name of Branch Officer Prof. Asha Kadyan
Contact No. 9896176343


Other Staff Members:
Name Designation with Phone No. if any Duty and Responsibilities work assigned
Mrs. Renu Steno-Typist Diary, Dispatch and Type other official work etc.
Mr. Baljit Singh Peon To deliver dak



Name of the Department/Office Saraswati Hostel (G.H. No. 3)
Name of Branch Officer Dr. Ms. Sunita Malhan
Contact No.


Other Staff Members:
Name Designation with Phone No. if any Duty and Responsibilities work assigned
Sh. Lila Ram Hostel Supervisor Assigned the duties pertaining to Mess & Hostel
Mrs. Kamlesh Bhatia Assistant Assigned the duties pertaining to the office
Mrs. Jagwanti Lady Aya Assigned the duties on the gate to attend the guest and complaints
Mrs. Meena Lady Aya Assigned the duties on the gate to attend the guest and complaints
Mrs. Anita Lady Aya Assigned the duties on the gate to attend the guest and complaints
Mrs. Lajwanti Lady Aya Assigned the duties on the gate to attend the guest and complaints



Name of the Department/Office Nivedita Working Women Hostel
Name of Branch Officer Dr. Santosh Nandal
Contact No. 01262-279312 (O)9813379774 (M)


Other Staff Members
Name Designation with Phone No. if any Duty and Responsibilities work assigned
Smt. Manju Saini Clerk 01262-266069 Clark & Supervisor
Sh. Ramphal Peon To deliver dak
Smt Mohani Lady Attendant Duty for hostel
Smt. Raj Kumari Lady Attendant Duty for hostel
Smt. Meera Lay Attendant Duty for hostel



Name of the Department/Office GANGA HOSTEL (G.H.NO. 1)
Name of Branch Officer Mrs. Nirmal Phogat
Contact No. 01262-274473; 01262-274643


Other Staff Members
Name Designation with Phone No. if any Duty and Responsibilities work assigned
Mrs. Murti Devi Hostel Supervisor Assigned the duties pertaining to Mess & Hostel
Mrs. Kamlesh Rani Assistant Assigned the duties pertaining to the office
Mrs. Rachna Kaur Lady Aya Assigned  the duties on the gate to attend the guest and complaints
Mrs. Kamla Devi Lady Aya Assigned  the duties on the gate to attend the guest and complaints
Mrs. Raj Bala Lady Aya Assigned  the duties on the gate to attend the guest and complaints
Mrs. Sushila Lady Aya Assigned  the duties on the gate to attend the guest and complaints



Name of the Department/Office Satluj Hostel (G.H.No. 4)
Name of Branch Officer Dr. Sanju Nanda
Contact No. 01262-273294 (M) 9416265876


Other Staff Members
Name Designation with Phone No. if any Duty and Responsibilities work assigned
Mrs. Veenus Hostel Supervisor9215188821 Assigned the duties  pertaining to Mess and Hostel
Mrs. Subha Pati Sr.Clerk 9255448440 Assigned  the duties pertaining to the office
Mrs.Angoori Devi Lady Aya Assigned the duties on the gate to attend the guests and complaints
Mrs. Nandi Devi Lady Aya Assigned the duties on the gate to attend the guests and complaints
Mrs. Saroj Singh Lady Aya Assigned the duties on the gate to attend the guests and complaints
Mrs. Sumitra Wanti Lady Aya Assigned the duties on the gate to attend the guests and complaints