Minutes of Pre-bid meeting

Minutes of Pre-bid meeting regarding procurement through NCB held on 21-2-2013 at 4:00 PM in the Office of the Director, UIET, MDU, Rohtak


A Pre-bid meeting was held on 21-2-2013 at 4:00 PM in the office of Director, UIET to meet representatives of potential bidders to give clarifications on the tender documents pertaining to the following two packages:

  1. TEQIP-II/HR/HR1GO/3, Desktop Computers and Laptops
  2. TEQIP-II/HR/HR1GO/7, Mechatronics Lab


Following were present: - 

  1. Prof S P Khatkar, Director
  2. Prof Rahul Rishi, Coordinator, TEQIP
  3. Prof Vinit Singla, Head(ME)
  4. Dr K K Dubey, Nodal Officer(Procurement)
  5. Dr Ashwani K Dhingra, Nodal Officer(Academic)
  6. Dr Prabhakar Kaushik, Nodal Officer(Finance)
  7. Dr Yudhvir Singh, Associate Prof(CSE)
  8. Sh Deepak Chhabra, Assistant Professor(ME)
  9. Sh Gurinder Singh, Representative of I-Tek Logics Pvt Ltd
  10. Sh Kamlesh Sharma, Representative of Microvol Systems
  11. Sh Alok Sahay, Representative of Corporate Infoline
  12. Sh Kapil Anand, Representative of Spectra Computer Pvt Ltd
  13. Sh Dewang Prayagraj, Representative of HCL Infosystems Ltd


After discussions it was resolved: -

  1. The quotations are to be submitted in INR.
  2. Price and Taxes are to be indicated separately.
  3. Clarifications regarding specifications of Laptops and Desktops were discussed.
  • In specifications for Laptops point no (h) be read as “Wireless Connectivity: wireless Intel 802.11 b/g/n or equivalent, Integrated Bluetooth”.
  • In specifications for Laptops point no (m) be read as “Expansion port : 3 USB, microphone, headphone/stereo, external docking connector, and other standard features”.
  • In specifications for Laptops, point no (n) be read as “Operating system: Microsoft Windows 8 professional”.