VC's Message

Establishment of Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, way back in 1976, was an important milestone in the development of higher education in Haryana which till then used to be counted among educationally backward states of the country.

The University has taken long strides over the last 36 years, transforming itself from a residential University with only 11 colleges at the time of its inception into an academic monolith with over 459 colleges and institutes already affiliated to it. Although it was originally set up for the promotion of inter-disciplinary higher education and research in environmental, ecological and life sciences, but with the passage of time, many other emerging areas of knowledge have been brought into its fold. As of now, the University offers 84 undergraduate and postgraduate courses in 39 disciplines and permits pursuit of research in as many areas.

With its well-qualified faculty, effective administrative functioning and congenial academic environment, the University strives to further improve the standards of excellence in teaching and quality of research. To keep pace with the emerging challenges, review and upgradation of course curricula and reformation of examination system are continuously pursued. These efforts help us in holding examinations and declaring correct and complete results as per a predetermined schedule for which the University has won appreciation even from the State Government. The University offers to its students, teachers and researchers excellent facilities including a world class library, ultra modern physical infrastructure, Wi-Fi campus, national and Inter-national linkages with reputed institutions/organizations, and ample avenues and opportunities for their all-round development. A truly pulsating campus life is the hallmark of the University. With all this and a special emphasis on quality of education combined with community-oriented focus, the University has grown into a responsible institution of higher education with social concerns. We are, thus, committed to empower our students with knowledge, skills and vision to meet the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world. We welcome all those hard working young men and women who keenly desire to pursue quality higher education and research to join this University, and assure them that our exquisite campus will meet all their legitimate needs to fulfill their ambitions in life.

Sudhir Rajpal
Hon'ble Vice Chancellor